2020-05-07 :: 1 min to read
§ How to subscribe a pulsar function on the earliest position

Pulsar functions are a great way of doing something simple with the messages in topic. However, at the moment of the 2.5.1 pulsar, the default version of a subscription points to the latest position, and you can't change it within the function creation call. Which means function would see only messages after function was created. How to adjust that? Let's find out.

First of all, function config builder allow you setup subscription name among other things:


Create subscription directly

Just do it directly right before the function creation call.

pulsarAdmin.topics().createSubscription("topic", "subscription-name", MessageId.earliest);

However, this would create Shared type of subscription, which could mixup the messages in a target topic. Which leads to the next option.

Create and close consumer immediately


Without receiving messages that would leave subscription which you can just simply pickup by a function. That wouldn't work with Exclusive type of subscription, but you can set up everything here.

Rewind running subscription

pulsarAdmin.topics().resetCursor("topic", "subscription-name", MessageId.earliest);

Can't really find a usecase for that from my side, but this option worth mentioning as well.

Hopefully, that would help to mitigate the current miss of the API, which have been requested for change in apache/pulsar#6531